NFT South

NFT South

July 28 - 30


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NFT South is a conference about, well, NFTs, so it’s only proper that we give you options to purchase your tickets via an NFT ticketing platform. To that end, we give you two options – TKETS and GUTS Tickets.

Those with no interest in NFT tickets can also purchase their ticket using a traditional ticketing platform – Eventbrite.

What this means is you’ll be able to pay for your ticket with cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

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Register with Eventbrite

Eventbrite is our go-to platform for event ticketing. It means you won’t be able to pay with crypto, but it’s a good option, if you don’t care about NFT tickets.

Register with GUTS Tickets

GUTS Tickets is an NFT ticketing platform built atop the GET Protocol and uses Stripe to process payments, so you can only pay with fiat.

Register with TKETS

TKETS is an NFT ticketing platform built atop the Theta blockchain and  only supports payment in TFUEL, the Theta cryptocurrency. You’ll need TFUEL in MetaMask wallet to buy your tickets on TKETS.